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The Fashionably Challenged



Need help with your style and image?​

Could your wardrobe style from your university years be holding you back from a promotion at work? Possibly hurting your romantic life? Do you want to feel better about yourself and like many men, don't know where to start? Or do you simply not like to shop? We can fix that.

Based on your lifestyle and basic wardrobe assessment, Pat will make suggestions to help you always look put together and always your best. After 30 years in the menswear business, he has styled three generations of men. His die-hard clientele will tell you - Pat knows how to style you to make your body look its best. 

Pat can:

- revise your entire wardrobe, if necessary

- style casual, business formal and travel wear uniquely for you

Call us today at 416-931-9231 to schedule a private consultation.

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